Coolest kid could be anyone.
You wouldn’t know who.
LAME Kid1: Hey, who’s the coolest kid around here?
LAME Kid2: Only the one and only Coolkid89!
LAME Kid3: WOW! Their name even sounds cool!
by Not Niki December 9, 2021
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when you are IN the ice IN the dark IN a red boat IN minecraft IN the ice biome IN the ocean.
now THAT is the coolest kid if ive ever seen it.
by screaminghellhound November 21, 2020
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coolest kid in the morgue is a twitch channel run by two people, Tadgh and Cameron.

Tadgh is Camerons childhood friend and have been friend for many years, Cameron had many other twitch acc and went viral in the past however got board and stressed with twitch and thought it was not fun anymore and was going nowhere so they started a new channel with Tadgh, Tadgh has had no fame in the past but is still funny,
coolest kid in the morgue is a very funny

twitch channel, however they are going to hell.
coolest kid in the morgue is a twitch channel
by got monkey man August 5, 2023
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