A demeanor by which the individual does not readily display their thoughts or feelings. This individual may make an excellent undercover government operative or ninja.
His reticent demeanor made him extremely difficult to read.
by Mizuno007 March 2, 2012
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Reticent, a person who simps very much.
Its is often a “He” He loves horror movie and simps for any girl in the movies he watches
Is he Reticent?
-I think he is, he’s simping for MJ?
by brem__ December 23, 2021
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Used as a descriptive term for someone who takes a moment to warm up in social situations they don’t really want to be in in the first place and prefers not to be spoken to, unless they’re extremely familiar with you.
John: ‘Megan was just sipping Bacardi juice at the back of the room all by herself at that party on Saturday night. She seemed to get on with Amber but she didn’t even utilise the opportunity to cling to that one voluntarily-imposing buddy all night. What on Earth’s wrong with her?’

Chizoba: ‘there’s nothing wrong with her; she’s just the reticent type. Some people are like that, enjoy their own company. She might not walk around glad-handing every new face that she doesn’t technically-need to interact with but once you get to know her and break past her reticence you’ll see that she’s actually a really nice gal. Some people need less social stimulation (outside their tight-knit circles, and even then there might well be limits) than others and that’s absolutely fine. All 7 billion of us can’t be exactly the same and have precisely the same wants and needs. People are different. You’ll realise that as you socially-mature.
by Doc_B August 15, 2022
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the state or quality of being reluctant; unwillingness
reticence of big words is no excuse to use small vocabulary in everyday conversation
by stargazingmuffin September 5, 2008
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That character in RPGs who is always dark, moody, and barely says anything.
Squall, Dias Flac, and Vincent Valentine are all quite reticent.
by Darkphil December 17, 2006
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A Mix of Retard and Spastic, a retarded person
Look at the inbred over there, he's definately a retic!
by turbo_nissan December 22, 2008
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A gay faggot that has a buck tooth and is built like a stick and is straight up ugly and continuously puts his mic in his ass when he has no comebacks and also calls kids gay but says remarks like "nice cheeks cus" to a picture of a butt he also is very racist and calls people gay when he beats his mean with his cousins he needs anger management and he is a weirdoe.
Reticents beats his meat with his cousins.
by Sohmuh June 12, 2019
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