The word "retainer" used in rap vernacular often is referring to keeping a thug on hand that is willing to do dirt. The celebrity retains this person's services thru cash payment, or other bartering options such as weed or pussy in the event that a punch needs to be thrown (or otherwise) and the celebrity would be open to a potential costly lawsuit, whereas the retainer does not have enough money worth be sued for, etc.
When Charlemagne Tha God was instigating Nelly during an interview, he was warned "Hey,man...just say what you wanna say. We're all men. I keep retainers just for guys like you".
by Juicy poo November 28, 2020
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A piercing stud, generally clear, used to hold a pierced hole open so as not to be seen by others. Commonly used for hiding a piercing during work and interviews.
A : "And do you have any piercings?"
B : "Well can you see any?"
A : "No I can't"
B : "Then nope"


C : "So did they see your piercings?"
B : "Nope, Thank goodness we got me these retainers"
by Afterrhythmia March 15, 2009
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I little piece of plastic and metal that sits in your mouth after the removal of Braces. Can easily get lost for they are often translucent, and are highly enjoyed by dogs as a tasty snack.
"Sorry, My dog ate my retainers."
by Plasticine June 7, 2005
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To keep a title. Usually done by winning a competition of sorts.
Some fat, zit-filled (zit-faced, perhaps?) Asian boy retained his "Most Likely to Succeed" title.
by Diggity Monkeez January 25, 2005
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1 a fee paid to a lawyer or professional adviser for advice or services or to ensure that he/she will act on one's behalf if needed

2 a fee paid regularly to a freelance journalist to ensure that his/her services will be available when required

I have given John a retainer to make sure he will take on my case.
by Heath 2 July 7, 2006
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Retain is a fat, zit filled asian boy who also plays on all day. Refer to - Presence. His clan is iN@USWest, give him a visit!
Omfg Presence, don't be such a 'Retain'!
by Tempt November 28, 2004
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