A type of boy that is from China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia or any other asian country. He has good hair, beautiful eyes and nice manners. Asian boys are attractive and smart.
Did you see that hot guy?

No, was he an asian boy?

by asiansboyrsarehot December 7, 2010
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(1): A man of Asian descent that transcends the negative stereotypes, succeeds in his endeavors, and gets praised by many.

(2): An Asian male that is married to, or dates an attractive White female, thereby symbolizing the reversal of western ideals. This also applies to relationships with Black or Hispanic women.

(3): An Asian male endowed with a larger-than-normal penis size.
1. Tim Nguyen, although tall, and not a business or engineering graduate, is now successful as an independent book publisher and regarded by his white peers as an "Asian Boy-King".

2. Richard Chan, a revered Asian Boy-King and well-to-do book publisher, has just popped the question to his sultry blonde girlfriend.

3. Shaniqwa: "Who's that cute Asian guy?"

Stacey Jane: "Oh that's Mark Yin, he publishes books and has a huge dick."

Shaniqwa: "I want that Asian Boy-King!"
by AnnaF May 17, 2010
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He is the most CaucAsian person to walk the planet. His best friends are a Cody, a zombie unicorn, and a bunch of random letters and shit. he defends afrika and walks the planet like Harambe didn't exist, but WW1 did. Oh did we forget what happened after 'merica nuked the mofo CaucAsians in 19 whatever, but still. we all know he is Asian as fuck
oh no! our Asian boi mist got shit right in the pussy! Now its our time to shine for the camaera. Did you sub to PewDiePie yet?
by Totaly not Jeff Kaplan February 14, 2019
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There are many.

But here are 11.

1. Min Yoongi
2. Kim Taehyung
3. Kim Namjoon
4. Jung Hoseok
5. Park Jimin
6. Kim Seokjin
7. Jeon Jungkook
8. Jaeyoung-Hwan Kyeong
9. Eunin-Hwan Kyeong
10. Ryan Oshiro
11. Etsuji Oshiro

Y'know, I really wanna date a cute asian boy..but im not gay.
by RandomFuFu February 18, 2018
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That little Asian boy just lit my pupes on fire and tied me to a tree cause I’m black
by Kevin Lunar June 24, 2022
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when you at the point in your life where you have decided to become homo, a ranga and an asian boy. This usually tends to occur when you are confusion.
girl 1 : look its Noah, a homo ranga asian boy
girl 2: oh yes it is, and he is with Ashton, another homo ranga asian boy
by a sick lad November 11, 2018
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The small population of hot looking Asian boys. They look hot, good sense of style, amazing hair, and an amazing sneaker game. They got a look that they give that can melt girls' hearts. Though they are very "rare", you'll know him when you see him, because you'll never forget it.
Woah?! Did you see him? Yeah! He's such an Asian fuck boy! I know right?! He's so hot!!!
by ParzivaltheWrestler November 22, 2016
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