Something people with no creativity do when they want free admiration from online strangers
"I'm so lonely and unloved, I will repost all these gifs and memes I've found, because I'm a narcissist!
by somejirgawirgadirgabroCALL911 September 23, 2019
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the act of posting something on a messege board that has already be posted. sometimes several times.
Thats a Repost you fvckin douche bag.
by Matt Webster December 15, 2004
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When someone steals your stuff without giving credit to original person
Yeah i reposted what you made so what
by Repost this August 2, 2017
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(1) Copying a post on the Internet. Often with credit, but also without. Mainly on blogs and social media sites. (2) Starting a discussion on a message board that has already been started.
Like, digg, share, tumbl

"Like".... Hey, check this cool article out.

Oh hi, I can't post anything original so I'll repost this article instead.

Oh no, not another repost blog.

In discussion boards: @john via previous urban dictionary deff: REPOST stupid n00b : rolleyes:
by davidthecow August 28, 2010
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The act of wanting to kill the people who post on Facebook all causes, were 97% of those who read it, don't know how to copy and paste and don't repost to their status!
If you know someone with a disease and hope that a cure is on the horizon please repost this to your status for one day. I know that 97% will go repostal, but am thankful for the 3% that will post.
by shongo July 9, 2011
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1. repost
40 up, 6 down

Usually used on message boards. When something has already been previously posted and a n00b comes in and reposts it, thinking he is uber l337.

REPOST stupid n00b :rolleyes:
by John Dec 15, 2004 email it
REPOST stupid n00b :rolleyes:
REPOST stupid n00b :rolleyes:
by dpcantrick April 15, 2008
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