2 definitions by Esther Lolstein

A non-Jew who shows up in a Jew's mentions to spew a bunch of comically false, Christianity-centric nonsense.
Outwardly Jewish person: i think in trying to come up with an explanation for how religion came about, a lot of people forget about dreams

Reply goy: creation is festivals stolen fron native farmers, sun worshippers, the Easter death/birth sequence is lifted straight from the Winter solstice, sun worship faiths are 10s of thousands of years older than creationism which is only a few hundred years old.
by Esther Lolstein December 20, 2018
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1. A man who behaves in an overly familiar way and is always replying to the social media messages of a woman he doesn't know or is barely acquainted with.

2. An annoying man who replies to social media messages, in general - whether this annoyance is due to a perceived know-it-all attitude, excessive familiarity, banal arguments that the annoyed user doesn't feel compelled to reply to again and again, or violation of some imagined pecking order.
Mental health improves 120% when reply guys are blocked or muted
by Esther Lolstein December 20, 2018
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