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An angry and conniving Irishman, who is proficient in wizardry and sorcery, that deceives his friends by making bets which he loses (usually while intoxicated) and then always refuses to own up to his end of the bet.

Also when intoxicated, may go by the nickname bloodbath. Can be found in places with notoriously loose women that are not opposed to "getting hit when they deserve it."
Bloodbath is being a dirty renigger again because he only paid $1.25 of his $10.00 debt and he paid it in pennies.
by Lenox Avenue April 06, 2011
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A person who renigs on a promise or deal
Steve is a renigger for backing out on buying Mark's car.
by Mark Woodside November 26, 2003
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In the Game of Rape, the Renigger card is the 10 of clubs. It is the only card that can block an Antirape, giving control back to the player of the Renigger. It must be played after the Antirape, but before the antirapist continues his turn.

The Renigger is also an important part of the Caledonia Combo.
Antiraping my rape!? Here comes the renigger bitch! Now where's that Captain America Card?
by Rape Player July 05, 2004
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1. To change or alter something
2. to rearrange
3. to smash
Hey you need to renigger that paper or it won't pass.
I can't wait until they renigger the Patriot Act.
He made me so angry. I really wanted to renigger his face.
by James Franklin Bell May 19, 2008
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Anyone who gives gifts, makes promises, or agrees to a deal and/or arrangement; and then renigs (verb, def: to take back) their gift/promise/word. Reniggers have no integrity, remorse, or conscience. And, tend to be narcissistic sociopaths.

Both Sociopaths and narcissists will often use renigging as a manipulation tool to punish/hurt their abuse victims throughout the 3 phases of sociopath abuse cycle. (Idolization, Devaluation, & Discard)

People who renig are weasels & cannot be trusted. They are among the lowest of the lonely, low low-lives.
Can you believe that Kenny renigged the massage gift certificate he gave his girlfriend for her birthday? That weasel actually also bought himself the same gift for her birthday (even though she massages him daily.) Then later that week, he cancelled her gift certificate & transferred hers to himself... that douchebag is a true renigger!
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by WeaselKegan February 26, 2018
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one who renigs in the game of spades, is often considered an outcast to all who play spades and is never invited to play spades with anyoone for the rest of their existence
Holy shit! put the cards away that renigger is coming!
by anonymous March 13, 2004
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