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To back out of a deal or a promise.
I want to renig a contract.
by Eric November 8, 2003
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Known in most areas as "Shift change at McDonald's"
"It's almost lunch time so let's renig"
by FastFood December 8, 2003
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To steal again.
Shortly after the policeman returned the stolen purse to the old lady, Javon renigged it.
by kjtduk March 3, 2011
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the correct definition is for RENEGING, as in to re-negotiate a deal, or back out.

there is no definition for that incorrect spelling, because it's racist and used incorrectly to imply it's something a black person always does, yes, people of all races do bad things, surprise surprise.
renig - I told her don't renege, but Candy refused to sell the car for $2000 after she realized the A/C actually just needed coolant.
by Whitey Mcfly July 17, 2011
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To substitute a player in a college or pro football game.
Uh oh, Looks like that lineman got injured pretty bad, it's time to renig
by can't not be racist June 27, 2005
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To nig again. In order to renig, one has to first nig. *Ergo, those who renig have already been nigging (see nigger).

*Ergo is a word used in place of the word therefore. (For all you ignant negroes who thought I mispelled negro).
Damn, you back here in Rikers Island again son? Why for you renig?
by NIGGAPLEASE May 13, 2004
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