Cards. To play a card out of suit when the play had that suit in their hand

To be a sorry ass spades player at the UFC 245
Danny and Sims both reneged. Sims acted like he didn’t know where that Queen of Hearts went and played the little joker.

These reneging ass muthafuckas gonna act like they didn’t know what the fuck they was doing

Reneger- Danny and Sims - One who commits the act of reneging
by Anonymous Spades master December 15, 2019
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One who reneges
Danny is a reneger!

Danny is a habitual renege!
Danny reneging incidents UFC 245, UFC 273!
by That dude 83 April 15, 2022
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Misspelling of "renege". Almost certainly formed by incorrectly identifying the root for the past tense (reneged) which is more common than the present tense. Renege means to fail to keep a commitment or promise.
He reneged on the deal.
by aklnawefun23 October 11, 2007
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1 obsolete : to make a denial
3 : to go back on a promise or commitment
Do not renege on this contract.
by Mike December 2, 2003
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In some card games, such as whisks, withholding a card of the current suit. In other words, when the pile is hearts you must play a heart if you have one, when the pile is spades you must play a spade etc. Reneging is when you break this rule by playing a different card. This results in losing 2 tricks or automatically losing the game.
-How the hell do you have a spade?
-Last round was spades and you put down a heart!
-You reneged!
by rickrosstheboss55 September 9, 2010
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A person who reneges.

To welsh on bets.

To consistently not honor contracts or commitments.
I never make bets with Jack. He's a reneger and won't pay when he loses, but has no problem collecting when he wins.
by Mcnasty7576 January 28, 2014
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to play the wrong suit to gain an advantage in cards
while playing spades, clubs were lead, the person whos turn it was cut the club with a spade but later on in the hand when clubs were played again, he had a club in his hand. therefore the player had reneged earlier
by roborsteal November 28, 2010
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