Acronym for "I'm missing you". Often said discreetly, just like 143.
Hey, 273.
by WENUSMAHMAN November 20, 2010
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When someone says this it means they are mentally struggling but dont wanna seem like an attention seeker!
Person 1 -273
Person 2 - what does that mean ?

Person 1 - oh nothing .
by leavemealoneeeyuhyuh June 18, 2022
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237 is a fire station filled with complete assholes and are currently locally hated. Within there community. They often arrive on scene command hungry. And are very very short temmpared
273 are assholes
by Shuveit June 29, 2020
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STP for Absolute Zero on the Kelvin scale, (also known as 0 degrees celsius).

Used to describe something freezing, which is a hyperbolic synonym to the adjective "cool".
"Ayyo! Dat picture of us be hella -273 doe."

"On da real? Oh snap, hella bromo-in it up! Hella negative doe! HELLA!"

"Finna be freezin wit dat -273 kicks doe."
by negativeswagnig November 8, 2011
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A red and maroon planet found in the galaxy “Alefia” also known as 3972 Alef B. This planet has not yet been discovered by earth inhabitants. The wildlife is very diverse, with beautiful enchanted forests, quaint villages, marble white sand beaches with purple water, and one of the most advanced scientific branches in Alefia. Those who live here are called Milobanians. (in Milobanian slang - “Miban”.)Milobanian culture can be compared to a blend of East Asian, Hispanic, and North African practices. Holidays are celebrated with beautifully lit streets, upbeat music, delicious foods, and plenty of bright colored formal clothing.
Miban: “Kölianę, Earth Inhabitants! We come from the beautiful planet Milobana-273!”

Human: “Hello there, Friend!”
by Aqistars November 2, 2022
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