to play the wrong suit to gain an advantage in cards
while playing spades, clubs were lead, the person whos turn it was cut the club with a spade but later on in the hand when clubs were played again, he had a club in his hand. therefore the player had reneged earlier
by roborsteal November 28, 2010
Slang abbreviation of the term renegotiate; to go back on or review a deal already finalized or closed.
He reneged on the deal.
by leah x July 20, 2005
a thing most noobs at the game of spades do and end up getting critisized by their fellow spades players endlessly, their partner also most of the time ends up beating the shit out of them after the game
You stupid bitch you just reneged i outta kick your ass
by anonymous March 14, 2004
1. To fail to carry out a promise or commitment
2. Shift change at the car wash
"Yo, what time we supposed to renege this afternoon?"
by Dem Franchize Boyz November 10, 2004
A person desperately caring about his own ego - but by making it "bad" a much as it is possible. A wanna-be outlaw, stops at nothing to get a negative feedback.
He's renegate. He don't follow the rules.
by lavaaxe August 28, 2009
Change of shift at the city dump.
The city of Pittsburgh reneges at 7,3 and 11.
by rayman 69 March 5, 2010
When a black person, typically named Carlton (Fresh Prince of Bel Aire) who reverts back to his ghetto roots after trying to fit into white society.
Damn, Carlton is back on the wagon stealing bikes again, he sure did renege!
by jobs April 25, 2006