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MC asking this DJ to play the track again, so the MC can tear it up on the mic and get the crowd hyped up if they love the track.
MC: "I say RELOAD, you say now"

Crowd: "NOW"
Crowd: "NOW"
MC: "Selecta pull on that, pull on that"
by Potential Paedophile February 17, 2010
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The rules of shotgun state that the driver can call one "reload" when "shotgun" has been called. This word will, in effect, null out the previous "shotgun" call and allow a second calling of "shotgun", allowing another passenger the opportunity to call. However, if the original winner re-calls it, then he may sit in his rightful shotgun position.

Note: It can only be called once and only by the driver. Remember, its your only hope when the fat bitch that smells of fish has called it.
Passenger 1: SHOTGUN!!

Driver: RELOAD!

Passenger 2: SHOTGUN!!

(Passenger two claims shotgun position)
by Ara03aml December 14, 2006
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The act of extracting a booger from one nostril and inserting it into the other nostril
Today I picked a huge cliff hanger and there was no one to show it to. So I reloaded my booger until my buddy came over to show him.
by Radar Cocktalker December 26, 2011
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The time period between bustin' a nut and being able to bust a nut again.
So i was fuckin this chick, then we cooled down for a reload, then i was fuckin her some more.
by smash December 13, 2002
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