Some part of your computer that does nothing but cause problem. Computer crashing? Probably has something to do with the registry. Unfortunately enough your average computer-user has no idea that the registry even exists.
Viruses, Spam, Ad-Ware, Hackers, and a screwed up Registry are all possibilities as to why your computer sucks ass.
by K Jizzle October 22, 2005
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Something in your computer that you should delete if an IIS reset does not work.
Did you try an IIS reset? Well, if it does not work, try deleting your registry
by Chris June 19, 2006
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A magazine where the world's wealthiest, richest, luckiest, people go to shop. Buyers look can look at Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Yacht, and million dollar houses. Dreamers act like they can buy from it.
LeBron James bought his Bentley from the duPont REGISTRY.
by RickRichBichJames April 13, 2010
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A Web Hosting & Domain Company that failed.

Usually referred to as NR
by egroj jorge May 15, 2008
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Net Registry has the opposite to the 'midas touch'

They have whats called the 'turn to shit touch'



Everything Net Registry Touch, it all just turn to shit EPIC FAIL
by Joesph Mahonie May 19, 2008
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A list of guys a girl can hit up to have sex with.
I need to go through my dick registry and see who I'm visiting tonight.
by Bagelfactory September 22, 2017
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A list of legally owned rifles and shotguns so far costing Canadians over 2 billion dollars. This list does not include criminally owned guns, smuggled or illegal guns.

The first step towards creating a police state
Considering the long gun registry has not saved one life, prevented one crime or kept illegal guns out of the hands of criminals it has only one use. The confiscation of legally attained and owned property

Endorsed by the Canadian association of Police Chiefs as
life saving tool. It is actually used by the police to confiscate law abiding citizens guns in order to appear tough on crime.

The gun registry costs tax payers 40-60 million dollars a year.

The registry should not be confused with testing, licensing, and background checks as it is completely separate
by hillbillyr October 22, 2010
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