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Derived from the term 'Queen', 'Regal' is used to describe someone that whilst not necessarily gay, shows tendencies towards such and dresses in a particularly effeminate way. Generally used in reference to males and usually considered as the stage between between metro-sexuality and fully fledged homosexuality.
"That tight fitting striped singlet your wearing there my metro-sexual friend, is particularly regal"

"Elton John looked very regal indeed at the Grammy awards last night didn't he?"

"Naughty Corey and his 'gang' are the most regal looking bunch of misfits I've ever seen"

"This is a pretty regal CD collection you have here my friend.... Bette Midler, come on!"
by Jason Lincoln February 28, 2008
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To be in a truly positive state of mind. Feeling royal/festive. Also used to describe something good or great.
"When I put my foot up on this chair Jon, I feel truly regal."

"How was you're nandos Tom?" "It was regal Jon, thanks for asking"
by m00nshotz March 18, 2013
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regal is five guys on one girl where every hole is filled and there is a penis in each of the girls hands.
1. 'Dude last night me and four other guys had a regal with this chick. It was awesome.'

2. 'Hey man, I just had a regal, WHAT UP?!'
by 123man50 March 19, 2011
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Something is regal if it is in possession of all good qualities.
Damn! I just won a million duckets.
Whew! thats regal. Yeah regal like a buick
by Sumbatch March 28, 2003
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