When something has toughness, it is to tough to be broken.
The table had so much toughness the bomb did not give it a scratch.
by The Danish Bear November 21, 2013
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a response for when something bad happens. Basically like saying that's rough, that sucks, sorry to hear that, or something along those lines.
I told Chrissa I failed my quiz and she replied, "that's tough."
by Dab a Ranch February 11, 2018
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adj. excellent, first-rate;
used as a positive description of someone or something;
synonyms include cool, hot, tight, bitchin', sweet, awesome, pissa, hip, rad etc.
Yo, that's mad tough, yo!
Your car looks friggin' tough.
Tough, yo, I'm down.
by Your MOM! December 16, 2002
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To pleasure one through either fisting or giving a handjob.
by fdlkdjnk.,c May 11, 2011
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A phrase used to when in a difficult situation or when others are in a difficult situation or to show you don't care and when you're being funny
Lakota: I failed my test

Avery: that's tough
by Guavas May 1, 2018
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