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AC Friends, a popular online forum where people in pikachu costumes attempt to access your rear portal, occasionally interluded by discussion and boobs.
"I went to ACF this morning and 5 trolls in pikachu costumes tried to piitb, but I had an insightful discussion and saw boobs so it's not a total loss."
by BritonGuy March 02, 2008
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An acronym which stands for "Auto-Correct Fail".

Used to describe the often-annoying Auto-Correct feature on many smartphones. Unless prevented otherwise, the Auto-Correct feature may choose to transform the word completely, thus rendering the phrase nonsensical. In such situations, the victim often can't be bothered to re-type the corrected sentence and an added apology. This can be rectified, excuse-free, by typing "ACF" followed by your originally intended phrase.
A: "Gassy I finally got the book."
B: "?!"
A: "ACF Yaay I finally got the book."
B: "Oh really?"
A: "USA"
B: "Um..?"
A: "ACF Yaa!"
by Auto Correct Fail January 15, 2011
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That Guy looks a bit short to be in the army, he must be with the ACF.
by BdrBadBoy January 10, 2005
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Achievement Collecting Fag - person who does not play computer games for fun but to get more retarded achievements, which are nothing more than worthless database records.

This retardness began on PS3/Xbox 360 games, but it has already started to ruin PC gaming.

Achievements allow players from around the world to compare length of their penises without need of meeting cock to cock.
PS3 trophies, Xbox 360, Steam, World Of Warcraft achievements.

1. Some retard from Taiwan got all achievements in World of Warcraft. What an ACF!

2. "Hey, let's kill this boss while having our left hand middle finger inside our asshole so we get the achievement". What an ACF!
by Wujek October 15, 2011
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Army cadet force.
Army Cadet Farce.
These motherfuckers are a complete fuckup hmmm ACF cool, C.W.A do pwn all tho!
Oh wait over here while sum 1 decides wats going on.
by C.W.A April 02, 2006
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