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Asians are the all-powerful beings who can do anything. They are close to the top of the life chain (think like the food chain). The only beings that are more powerful than Asians are Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris. The only reason we do not actually see Asians doing these divine feats is because they do not want us to see them. Because of this all of the asian countries have actors in them that pretend to walk around and go to work like normal people, that way they wont seem too powerful. If their power is too great they might make it seem like something totally different. For example, all hurricanes are the result of a Asian child who spun too fast on the Merry-Go-Round.
Me: Shit, there's an asian in this contest, we can't win...
Other Guy: Damn, you're right.

Asian: *sneezes*
World: *explodes*
Asian: Oops...

God: Grrr, those Asians always make me look bad...
by GreatHammurabi July 06, 2006

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A character from Final Fantasy Tactics. He is an engineer who wields a gun in battle and can stop his enemies from acting or moving with Arm Seal or Leg Seal.

Also works to make Brad laugh.
Me: Haha, I just made the enemy immobile with Leg Seal.
Someone: Cool?

Me: Hey brad......MUSTADIO!!!!!
by GreatHammurabi July 06, 2006

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In Warcraft III, it means closing all the open slots in a game and reopening them so the game appears further up on the custom game list. Thus, getting more people in your game.
"Refresh slots?"
"rf nub host"
by GreatHammurabi July 04, 2006

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1. One who does not change facial expressions.
Lindsay Lohan doesn't change facial expressions.
by GreatHammurabi July 07, 2006

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