The word you refer to yourself as when you feel really lazy, unhygienic, and obese.
I'm sitting my ass down on the chair having chips and I haven't showered. Ugh I'm such a reddit mod right now.
by Dr. Steppon-Legho March 15, 2021
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Usually an overweight 30 year old gay male neckbeard. Who sits online in reddit thinking he's some sort of god online and enjoys banning accounts from subreddits for no reason. Irl he sits in his mom's basement and is an insecure wussy.
Reddit mods are GAAAYYYY
by Saitama 777 August 15, 2021
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Reddit Mod:

short for Reddit Moderator:
A very obese 30-year-old virgin that lives in his mother's basement eating ramen noodles and loves anime. Extremely power hungry and wants to be a mod on every subreddit ever. Will delete any post that they disagree with and believe if they get enough karma their stiff, waifu body pillow will come to life.
Person 1 "My post talking about bad anime was taken down and I got banned."
Person 2 "aw that sucks must be a Reddit Mod"
by MrBanana4 April 3, 2021
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virgin beta incel cucks who have never left their basement
elon musk: 'omg I am such a reddit mod'
by i cum in mcdonalds January 13, 2022
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Guy 1: Hey, you know that reddit mod Alex?
Guy 2: Yeah, he's super stupid. he thinks he's "Important."
by attack helicopter B) January 13, 2021
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