a.k.a. Sliders. A greesy late night mini-hamburger, most likely purchased from White Castle, usually causing severe pelvic discomfort and bowel instability when consumed.
Man, I'm drunk and it doesn't look like I'm gonna get laid, let's go get some rectals!
by B. Miller October 22, 2003
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Rectal is deeper than anal. In other words, someone who is rectal pays FAR deeper attention to detail than someone who is anal.
Person1: This is ridiculous. I have to get ALL the points right to pass the test?

Person2: Yeah, and to make it worse, if you mispronounce one word or if you take too long or too short of a break in between, you fail.

Person1: That's unfair! Why is the teacher so anal?

Person2: She's more than just anal. She's rectal!
by E_Dawg January 11, 2009
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Achieving excellence from pain in the ass experiences.
That horrible breakup actually allowed me to achieve some rectallence in so many other areas of my life, it was totally worth it!
by bonobogirl1 August 9, 2009
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When someone walks behind another person, puts their thumb, index finger, and middle finger together and swings it forward into the other person's anus. They will sometimes lift you up or move their fingers around. They will also most likely yell, RECTAAAAAL!!!
*Troy sneaks up behind Jay and jams his finger's in his brute ass*
Troy: RECTAL!!!
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When someone is not only being anal retentive, but is also being an asshole about it.
Are you some kind of idiot? I said I wanted diet Coke with light ice and two lemon wedges. This clearly has medium ice and only one lemon wedge. Let me talk to your manager!

Jeez, Gordon Ramsey, you don't have to be so rectal about it.
by snapkrackle October 27, 2010
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Rectal has two meanings

1- in a good way like if you catch a 8 lb fish it is rectal

2- in a bad way like if you are stuck at a family reunion and you want to leave and text your mom “ this is rectal can we leave?!!!”

It gets confusing at times

^examples above^
It’s rectal if you don’t catch a 8lb fish but it is if you do
by YOURFAVEMILY January 20, 2020
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of or to do with the asscrack
John is a f**king rectal rim polisher!!
by rian February 14, 2005
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