Long for Recon, a term for gathering preliminary information.

Explore, investigate, examine, scrutinize, inspect, observe, take a close look at; patrol;, observation, investigation, examination, inspection; search; reconnoitering; check out, scope out, recon up close, exploration.
Do a reconnaissance of the stroll on foot.

Sarita and Heather, turned up on a reconnaissance of the Mission.
by SuraScent July 17, 2009
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Information gathered on the sly about a lover/friend/enemy.
I saw your boyfriend at the gay bar last night dancing with another man. Good reconnaissance work.
by JW March 6, 2009
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A Recon Marine can speak without saying a word, and achieve what others can only imagine. SWIFT! SILENT! DEADLY! Reconnaissance Marines are the hardest mother fuckers on the planet. They remain humble, never expecting the fame or glory given to other branches special forces. They are the silent killers, the dangerous ones, the men who always have a plan to kill everyone they know. Recon teams are assigned the types of missions that the American public will never hear about, the missions that the government denies, in a country that American forces are not welcome. The Recon MART/BRC selection process is arguably the hardest in the United States Military. It pays to be a winner. Only the smartest and strongest marines are accepted into the recon training company. The Reconnaissance community is not a place for the weak or faint hearted.
"My men have a child like fear of the dark, they know that the men with green and black faces lurk in the night, these are not normal Americans, they are called Recon Marines." -North Vietnamese Army commander Arizona Territory, South Vietnam 1969 1st Marine Reconnaissance Battalion of Ocean slime CA, known by Terry Taliban as "The Sons of Satan"
by Amphibious Recon 0321 December 2, 2013
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When you know your leg is there but it feels like it has gone off on a reconnaissance mission...
You tell someone your leg doesn't feel like its there and they say oh you mean your reconnaissance leg (in other words it does that a lot).
by PurpleFairy March 16, 2015
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The use of social networking websites like Facebook and Myspace to glean personal information about someone before passing judgement on them.
1) "That guy started bitching at me the other day about my girlfriend... I think he was doing some Facebook reconnaissance."

2) "Did he know about that project i'm working on already or was he just using Facebook reconnaissance?"
by Ian Keith December 16, 2008
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A small fart released prior to releasing the complete fart to test the volume and potency of the stench while in the company of others.
I had to do a reconnaissance fart while I was sitting at dinner with my girlfriend and her parents because I wasn't sure if it was going to smell like ass.
by Steven&Stewart October 30, 2011
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When you all go to brunch together 'sex and the city' like, and talk about the shit that just happened the night before it's called reconnaissance brunch. Getting intel on last night's misdeeds.
Oh Samantha, I only come to these Reconnaissance Brunches to hear about your antics the previous night.
by Electromagnet April 28, 2011
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