A Big Russian Cock; to have a Big Russian Cock. Often used in place of the person's name when discussing said person.Also used to describe the monstrous appendage swinging between the legs of a Russian man.

1. With the exception of his BRC, Yuri was a total waste of time.
2. The BRC came over last night and today I'm having a hard time sitting down.
3. If it weren't for his BRC I would do his roommate instead.
by Michele/Casey September 28, 2006
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"BRC" stands for "Black Rock City," the site of the annual no-limit art party called Burning Man. Black Rock City is about 90 miles north of Reno in the scorching Nevada desert.
"See you in BRC dude."
by DuckyP September 15, 2005
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Back road cruising, smoking weed with buddies while driving beautiful scenic country roads. Popular because theres never any traffic, theres never any cops, and the open road and incredible views.

note to editors

i dont know if you guys will deny this because it promotes driving under the influence of marijuana, but its a very fun activity and ive met people both in the cali/oregon area and the newyork area who know what im talking about and are always down for a BRC.
"hey man you down for a BRC"

"nah man we cant smoke in my car"
"hell yea bro lets get some gas first"

by Darius Alaniz July 11, 2008
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Battle Rap Community/Community

Battle Rap - A subculture of Hip Hip consisting of battlers, league owners, bloggers, photographers and fans.
People in the BRC are forever gassing Tay Roc.

Smack sold the BRC to Caffeine, he a sellout

Chris Unbias needs to provide the BRC with paper work
by AfricanSteam February 27, 2021
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acronym for Blood Rage-ohol Content, The amount of Rage-ohol that is currently in your blood that is causing you to become angry / full of rage
After Billy got in a car accident, his BRC went through the roof
by whomba March 4, 2008
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BRC is an acronym for Bra Removal Confusion. It results from the many different types of bra clasp devices in modern times, leaving both men and women alike at a loss of sex drive. Males have to keep up with the styles, which is difficult and when removing another's bra, often also results in lack of self-confidence - stemming from the cock-block factor of having to figure out the bra clasp.
If you see BRC as a problem,
the Facebook Group "Stop Bra Removal Confusion"
has a solution for you. This is just one of the many established organizations dedicated to uniting BRC victims and standardizing bra clasps.
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie October 12, 2006
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