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A caring girl, Who is someone very original. She tends to be clumsy, And she usually has a lot of guy friends. She is a very trustworthy person. A person who doesn't break promises. She is a beautiful and gorgeous person. She has a bright smile, and seems to be like a very happy person and acts like everything is fine. She has a dark past has cried herself to sleep most times. She usually gets betrayed by most people. She is very social and tends to have many friends. She makes mistakes and is truly sorry when she does. She gets bullied and acts like everything's fine. She is an awesome best friend and will always be there for you when you need her. She tends to have a very good memory. She believes in second chances. She tends to trust the wrong people. She has beautiful brown eyes and beautiful brown hair. She is a real go getter and a best friend everyone wants to have. She is truly extraordinary person when you get to know her. She is extreamly funny, and hates drama. When she finds her real friends, and you're one of them, she will always remember you. She is an amazing dancer. She doesn't tend to show it off much. If you know a Sarita make sure you have her close to you and get to know her.
Sarita is an extraordinary person.
by OMGIT'STHENUMBER8 June 24, 2013
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Sarita is a girl's name, which usually means easy-going or princess. Sarita is a beautiful, creative person who cares for animals and other people.
Sarita adopted another shelter animal yesterday!
by i'msooooooocoolcuzilikebeans September 20, 2010
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the hottest most gorgeous chick in alaMURda (alameda for you un gangsta ppl) and i love her !!!!
sarita is my sexy woman and i love her
by chet herrington February 25, 2005
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The cheapest person ever. Often thinks extremely discounted sales items are overpriced. Used as an adjective to describe obscenely difficult actions to save small sums of money.
Today I pulled a Sarita and 20 miles because the gas is 1 cent cheaper there.
by Da Big Roberta April 24, 2007
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