another dimension or universe,could possibly mean another life
by Dantex30 September 3, 2008
A spiritual state of mind

An astral plane where piece of mind and well-being are vital

realm- referring to an unearthly surrounding being positive or negative.
Only the righteous will enter the realm of Allmighty

by Med Tejan-Cole August 26, 2006
A realm is a human being that's existence in life is to be pointless, annoying and simple. There is often a realm in every friendship group who's sole purpose is to amuse there fellow human beings by being so silly. To describe a group of them, the word "realmites" is extremely appropriate.
A realm can be distinguished by: mimicry, lame jokes, dumbness, making others angry for their pleasure,
by Sabine March 2, 2013
Realming is the act of doing aimless things in your hometown area. The act of realming is comforting to those who do it as it puts them in contact with all things they know. Not to be confused with roaming, realming is moving purposefully about the area where one grew up and/or is most comfortable. Realm can be many parts of speech.
On Saturday, Nigel realmed to the Vanilla Bean.

There he realmed with Brian, whereupon he proceeded to 85 Main and realmed with James.

Nigel enjoys realming northeast Connecticut.

In terms of Nigel's realm, it extends from the mighty Quinebaug in the east, through the plains of Pomfret, into the hills of Eastford and terminates at the edge of the Tolland Plateau. From North to south, Nigel can realm from the canyons of Union to the confluence of the Qunebaug and Shetucket, headwaters of the turbulent Thames.
by Drealming August 11, 2009
To be in an uncontrollable state of rage. Normally after bad news or extreme misfortune.
'If I have to stay in this rubbish club any longer i'm going to be realming my tits off'
by Bognor Spoiler April 12, 2006
When your feeling really introspective or high and you start saying mad philosophical nonsense.
"I got really high and watched Enter The Void and I started realming."
"Sometimes I feel like I was born backwards. God I'm so realmed."
by Minto Berri Krunchu March 6, 2014
when you tripping on Shrooms so hard, that you forget the world around you.
*Guy1:Holy shit man, Im going to overdose! I'm in the realm, help.
*Guy2:Calm down You'll be okay!