observing your pet feline scratch furniture while resting securely in the knowledge said feline's front claws have been removed.
Fluffy's scratching the sofa and you're sitting there smiling...that's piece of mind.
by D B Stinecipher February 15, 2005
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to inform in a non-formal matter.
Guy 1: Why a long face larry?
Larry: I don't have much time so I'll give a piece of mind to you, my gf cheated on me and I'm just about to kill her.
Guy Everyone: O.O
by Jake N. Mason September 24, 2010
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Punishing/scholding/Beating somebody because of something he did that makes you angry.
guy 1:Hey!That guy is making fun of us!
guy 2:oh, I'll give him a piece of my mind!!
by eSHTEBALA October 23, 2007
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