22 Grand Job remixed by Lethal Bizzle

Indie backing but rap fronting

Godfather of indie at present is Statik who made the compilation - Grindie Volume 1
by J Downes July 29, 2006
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A backing track some would consider as 'rock' or 'acoustic' if naive, but is widely known as 'indie', with a rap or hiphop singer or rapper, known as 'grime'.
Although you may think that this type of music would appeal to both 'chavs', and 'emo/scene' people, it tends to be liked by another breed of people, 'indie kids see indie.
The word comes from the equation
grime + Indie = Grindie
Jamie T, Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen, The streets, many more are examples of grindie music
by Clerrx3 February 25, 2007
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Adjictive - including many repetitive tasks
Mining is very grindy because it takes days of mining before you find anything valuable
by Another_Guy May 10, 2015
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A mix between Grime and Indie.
Rather self explanatory.
Grime being an underground genre largley established in the early 2000's, topped of with a helping of Indie fronting it.
After the huge Indie boom over the past few years some clever soles decided to mix the two genres to become Grindie.
One of the more 'mainstream' bands that front this move would british(oh yes!) band Hadouken!.
Contraversially though i must admit.
Some critics believe Hadouken! are the best new comer of 2007 in the new music scene and others believe they are the worst mixed-genre band. Ever. Claiming that James, the front guy has sold out his roots as being an original Grime act.
This was formally brought to the lovers and haters of Hadouken!s attention in an issue of NME(an ace new music magazine in England) with a whole article devoted to the argument. One side lovers. Otherside haters.
In the issue of NME which followed the debate James appeared saying that he hasnt sold anyone out and that his music is music.
Love it and buy the tracks.
Hate it and go back and listen to bloody Razorlight.

I i were you id choose the first one.

Other bands and DJ's in the Grindie genre would be Grime Dj, Statik and also Lithal Bizzle.
But yes.
That for you is Gindie.
Listen to Hadouken!.
They're mint.

If you like Grindie you may want to try different genres such as new rave, nurave, Grime, and Dancecore.

I hope i have enlightened you.
Thanks for reading.
Kid1 - Oi buffet slayer

Kid2 - What you FEB?

Kid1 - I heard this awesome song on Zane Lowes show on tuesday, it was a weird mix of genres. I want to find them on MySpace but i dont know what they're called, or what genre to type in.

Kid2 - Well what did it sound like?

Kid1 - It was a kind of mix between Grime and Indie.

Kid2 - Dude! Are you on crack or something?! Its blatently Grindie. You know, the mix between Grime and Indie. Thats the Genre you want. And it was on Zane Lowes show?

Kid1 - Yeah blud.

Kid2 - Its was most proberbly Hadouken! then, there new song Liquid Lives is out soon.

Kid1 - Oh right. Thanks.

Kid2 - You would have known that if you were cool. Sort ya life out.
by Charmander June 22, 2007
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irritated, annoyed, pissed off, so upset your jaw hurts
Miss Thing got me so grindy when she couldnt stop talking about herself... I had to leave the room!
by missthangdoneitagain January 16, 2011
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Something you would grind. normally on a video game. like: minecraft or fortnite.
Sand and gravel is really grindy.
by November 4, 2020
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Grindy is a slang word for cool...if your grindy its a good thing!!!!
by Grindy12345 June 20, 2016
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