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A true daddy... will cause pantie drop, dizziness, hyperventilation and may more. Be aware around this dangerously hot..."human"?
ex; I will "Alex turnYOu" on...
That guy is so hot, he is such an Alex turner.
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by piggyboo June 26, 2018
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Incredibly gorgeous lad, lead singer and guitarist of the oh so famous brit-rocksensation Arctic Monkeys
Born in 1986 in High Greens, suburb of Sheffield. South Yorkshire, England
Loved for his amazing down to earth lyrics, great voice, adorable yorkshire accent
and great guitar riffs
He is the heart and soul of the record breaking band, writing the lyrics, the riffs and singing all songs.
me: alex turner?!! drools... =)
by Veronic June 22, 2006
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Lead singer of the ever so popular Arctic Monkeys. He is much loved by 'DING' because of his Sheffield accent.
Instead of saying "bottoms" Alex Turner says "buh'ums."
by Alex Turner April 02, 2006
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The lead singer of one of the greatest British Bands, the Arctic Monkeys (also doing a side project The Last Shadow Puppets with The Rascals member, Miles Kane)Like the other Monkeys, he is humble and chooses to stay away from the limelight, making the Arctic Monkeys even more incredible than they already are. Born and raised in Sheffield with the other Arctic Monkeys, he sings with a South Yorkshire accent making the music all the more interesting and just fecking amazing! His favourite ever record is "Rubber Soul - The Beatles", and his favourite meal, Arrabiata. Might I add he is also a lyrical genius and belongs to the league of "Coolest Men to grace the face of this earth"

Needs to contact Germee quite soon.
E.g 1: Alex Turner & co. is cool enough to dress up in costumes and get away with it.

E.g 2:
A: who is the lead singer of the current best British band?
B: Why of course, Alex Turner!

E.g 3:
A: What would your favourite worse nightmare be?
B: To meet Alex Turner and the Monkeys, hands down.
by Germee April 10, 2008
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The really hot lead singer/guitarist from the Arctic Monkeys. He's the, "Best lyricist in Sheffield," and was number one on NME's Cool List (2005).
Me: Like, OMG. Alex Turner is like soo hot!
Alex Turner: Don't believe the hype.
by Harry Ferdinand December 18, 2005
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The hottest old man of them all. Also is a sexy mother fucker and has a really sexy deep crusty voice that is sexy also he is the lead singer of the arctic monkeys.
Fangirl:Omg I love Alex turner he's so hot

Bitch:here we go again bois
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by Mattysmellslikeme August 28, 2019
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A complete hottie. Did I mention that he's British and the lead singer of the most amazing band ever, the Arctic Monkeys. The sight of his chiselled chin will make your insides melt. His always combed to perfection hair and perfectly fit clothes will have you reconsidering breaking up with your boyfriend.
Wow! Who is he?...... Alex Turner? Damnnn....
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by Calista is my name October 15, 2019
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