The name of the rat is not Ratatouille you uncultured swine
For the last time, the name of the rat is Remy, not Ratatouille!
by Gamsung Salaxy April 26, 2020
When one is having sex from behind, and pulls the hair of their partner, causing the head to jerk backwards as if controlled by the mischievous rat Remy from the Pixar film Ratatouille.
by thumblord April 6, 2022
a movie. and also a dish but more the movie.
Guy 1: You know that rat from that one movie, what is his name... ratatouille?
Guy 2: Bitch his name is Remy go fuck yourself twat.
by Gggggggggggafdjfhebfhvhfgwdh February 11, 2020
Ratatouille is a verb used when you add your own secret personal flavor of spices, salt and condiments to your served meal, making it better and bursting to live in your mouth.
I made the food they served me at that restaurant come to live because i ratatouilled it.
by Grx July 15, 2019
aye homie you know brenda.
she is a touille.
a touille?
yea nigga a ratatouille.
whats that?
yea nigga a ratatouille, a hood rat. nigga a touille.
by Ptown Beat down September 20, 2009
to be used in reference to the past act of having cooked with limited ingredients, yet displayed creativity.
by EightHundredThirteenIndians December 4, 2008