-Being an artist, therefore being a boss

So, Remy from Disney*Pixar's Ratatouille is a culinary artist that took over the restaurant as the main chef

It's funny how being a figurative rat is not even figurative to a rat.
LionMaker took the gothic and colonial art form and integrated them to build his neighborhood wall. So, it's a new style that the Hip2BSquared build team used by HIS permission. We can say he was Ratatouilling for a new art form.
by MickeyMaker November 27, 2020
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Like a prostate exam, but better
I wouldn't say it was full marionette, but she was definitely giving me the Reverse Ratatouille.
by Asparageese August 07, 2021
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The act of putting a rat in a dirty pussy. The scratching is an unmatched sensation.
I love a dirty ratatouille. The little thing scratches my cervix.
by Sceerchrr January 01, 2018
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You are rated out and can't figure out the word to say because the game is so hard
Was phooey ratatouille this game is so hard
by JaketoImagination January 28, 2016
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What you tell your parents you're doing when you want to have sex with someone and don't want them to know. Can be substituted for other movies, preferably pixar.
"You up for watching ratatouille this weekend?"
"Yeah totally, let me know when you're free."
by BarryBBensonsdad July 15, 2019
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