The 40 minute "movie" of a lazy brazillian movie company that can't think of their own ideas, so they rip off pixar and dreamworks to make money. In this case, the movie, "ratatouille" is plagerized. It has also become a popular target of Youtube poop
Ahh... the most beautiful view in the world. Sugerloaf mountain. Over looking rio de janeiro. Where the best restaurant belongs to...a mouse? Meet marcel toing. Proud owner of restaurant, ratatoing.

That is only part of the trailer dialouge. Not much more to say. Watch the movie if you want to be tortured for 40 whole minutes.
by Do_the_mario July 17, 2008
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a crappy Brazilian move that is a stupid knock off of Pixars, "Ratatoille." It is often used in "YouTube Poops"
"Ratatoing is the worst movie ever made by humans. i hope the people who made it die."
by Hotel Mario August 5, 2008
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Ratatoing is an amazing 44 minute and 6 second long movie about Marcel, Carol and Greg. You should watch it it’s amazing
I love Ratatoing
Ratatoing is the best
by Ratatoingsthebest June 24, 2022
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The mix of someone who identifies as both “looking like a rat” and “looking like a potato
Oh damn Jules is such a ratato, and a bitch!”
by Slurpslurpmans June 7, 2020
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noun - a genetic mutant crossbreed that is half potato, half rat. Valuable to scientific research and complimentary to a steak dinner.
I heard they tested their products on ratatoes. I heard it's not really butter.
by alexwells5000 October 12, 2015
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a shitty 40 minute "feature film" that is complete and utter dogshit. It was created by some brazillian company and is an awful ripoff of disneys ratatouille.
help last night i watched ratatoing... do you have some eye bleach?

- some unfortunate soul
by culturedperson69 January 9, 2022
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