'He had rare amounts of rizlas on him'

'She had rare amounts of jif with him'
by Evans July 24, 2003
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An amazingly handsome man with a heart of gold. A person who may not see himself through the eyes of others, but to many, and to one, he's perfect. This man would sacrifice a great deal to help the people he loves, and will always be there in a heartbeat if they needed him. Someone who is the most beloved person anyone could come across. He's dearly loved although he may not know or feel this. As soon as one meets him, they would immediately realise he's very special, and is a person who will eternally be there to carry them through the good and hard times. A person who is an angelic being with the most gorgeous features, with stunning eyes to capture his strong and kind heart; perfectly sculptured physique; and someone who's charming, caring, big hearted, sweet, considerate, understanding, supportive, loving and the list just goes on. His smile brightens everyone's day, especially mine. Anyone who knows this gentleman is a lucky, lucky person and they should never take advantage of his kind and caring personality. He's someone who is so wonderful in every way and it's impossible to find another man like him.

Beyond this world... he's divine.
There may be many men in this world but there is no other man like Rares. I love him with all my heart...
by jackspintecatorul December 09, 2020
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To be an insufferable cunt day and night, and care very little for the people around you.
Person 1: 'I think I might have to go to the doctors'

Person 2: 'RARE'
by TheHispanicWaiter April 24, 2019
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Rares is a handsome guy with a very long shalge lange
Random person: Omg who is that handsome boy?
Other person: O it's Rares and he also has a long dick
by destroyer445566 December 09, 2020
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Most hansom man you will ever meet he will always pull all the girls
wow he is so hot he must be a Rares
by eweewe November 26, 2020
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A very amazing person .He is smart and

funy. A person with the name Rares is a good friend and a good listener.

The name Rares is from Romania.
My friends name is Rares
by Scott1234r December 05, 2019
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