verb: indicating the high quality of something, taken from the E-bay description used on many products.
Did you see that car? That's rare, that is.
by Bryan Oryan March 11, 2007
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rare, adj.
That embarrasses and evokes pity or shame in others; lacks self awareness; constitutes a faux pas.
Don't be so rare.
by helium_raven June 4, 2004
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Unprotected sex. Seldom used but made famous by rapper Lil' Wayne
i can hit it rare but that means raw that means jaw
Lil' Wayne- You Nasty
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The process of compressing files with the program winRAR. When the file is so large that it takes several minutes to finish compressing.
1. My entire music library is RARing so I can transfer it to my new computer.

2. Guy 1- Hey, did you burn those files to a DVD for me?
Guy 2- Not yet, they're RARing right now so they'll fit on the disk. It'll only be a few more minutes.
by chaosphere March 28, 2008
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One who lacks inhibitions, usually drunk and carefree, mostly used when relating to alcohol consumption
He drank the whole bottle in 5 minutes, what a rare c**t!
by sorare March 28, 2005
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A racist man who CLAIMS to make jokes but are just plain offensive stuff, DON'T TRUST HIM
Rares: "just because your greek you don't have to steal"

Me: " just because you think your funny doesn't mean you are , idiot"

Rares: :.........................LOL
by Zeta, the real definition December 10, 2018
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You know some one with that name he is gay and you know it. Don’t trust him he will back stab you.
Rares like him.
by Rares fanboy March 3, 2022
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