A word used to describe someone who acts strangely or out of the ordinary.
The word 'rare' comes from the phrase 'a rare species'.
It originates from Shiplake College.
Shiplake student: Hey, look at that kid laughing to himself and skipping.
Shiplake teacher: Wow, what a fucking rare.
by B-Franco April 13, 2015
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Rare is a cunt
by ayyRare December 19, 2016
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When you play a game developed by Rare, more so sea of thieves, anything bad that can happen will.
We have so much stuff here
(Proceed to spawn in a Meg and Skelly ship)
We just got Rared
by Comrade Boris October 20, 2020
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Newman : All right. Then let me ask you this. Didn't you find it interesting that your friend had the foresight to purchase postal insurance for your stereo. Huh. I mean parcels are rarely damaged during shipping

Jerry : Define rarely

Newman : Frequently
by Sal Bass February 13, 2011
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1. something that you eagerly want to do or experience.
2. an event that you anxiously await, full of anticipation and you look forward to doing it because it's exciting.
1. I'm raring to go see SIN City in theatres this friday!
2. Whitewater rafting is something we've all been raring to do for the summer.
by fitchickxina March 31, 2005
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not seen often, unexpected, different, weird, out of the ordinary
she forgot her lunch today, thats rare.
by l3Xx♥ May 25, 2009
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The quality of being 'rare'. Unusual, seldom occurring.
"I just raped ANOTHER cow by accident"
"How rare."
by parp March 14, 2003
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