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n. pl.
A collection of preternatural, sentient entities, believed to conspire to turn the course of one's fate for the worst, picking especially on those in a romantic relationship who are content. Reputedly repelled by destroying a prom dress.
"You have a high tolerance to physical pain, so the cosmic forces have converted the comfort you get from this into stress and tension in other parts of your life."
by helium_raven August 27, 2005

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Coined by the character Joey in the sitcom 'Friends', in reference to the sweat induced by tackling a particularly large meal, eg. a whole turkey.
"Uh oh, the meatsweats are comin'!"
by helium_raven June 01, 2004

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malf, int.
An exclamation of excitement upon using a mushroom to turbo boost the speed of one's vehicle. (orig. Mario Kart: Double Dash).
TOAD. Mmmmalf!
by helium_raven June 04, 2004

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rare, adj.
That embarrasses and evokes pity or shame in others; lacks self awareness; constitutes a faux pas.
Don't be so rare.
by helium_raven June 04, 2004

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