'Man like' is often used as a sort of exclamation upon greeting someone to re-affirm who that person. It can also be used to boost ones ego (including yourself)
Man like Bill Gates is out'ere doing his thing, stacking his papez.

or Man like (name) is looking HELLAFLY today
by Don Rio March 6, 2014
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Is used when someone does something ludicrous.
Irede said it doesn't exist, now it does.
James: Craig just did a shit in the toaster.
Andrew: Man like that.
by Wanderer456 November 20, 2019
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Usually used when describing a woman who has some extremely dominate male features.
That chic has man-like lip hair.
by Tahshuh November 15, 2003
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This term is derived from the early 18th Century and was used to describe the Archbishop of Kashmir (Lord Tre Shah) under the British Rule of the Indian Subcontinent led by Queen Victoria and handled by the East India Company. The term was used due to the fact that Lord Tre Shah was quite the Womanizer and had many mistresses with a reported 6 wives during his lifetime. This term has been passed down and is currently used as a slang term and the meaning of this term is now to describe a male that has his ways with the female persuasion. It is similar to the term pimp but this term is more 'hip' nowadays.
Tom: So what happened with katie?
David: katie? which one?
Tom: Cor' Blimey you're well man like, you remind me of lord tre shah
by Mista Singh July 8, 2014
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You can get sexual with your homies, but it’s not gay as it’s just bromance and a way of showing love to your homies.
Yes bro you can kiss me, Man Like Man though
by Drip Papi February 26, 2020
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When a person is like
"man like jme gonna knock ur teefs in"
by Jonathan Mason Edison (jme) January 11, 2017
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MFL - Man fucking like is a term used to say hello from one regular to another when they walk into Alibaba Coffee and Shisha lounge. It can be used as a greeting when first walking through that entrance but also if one does something good. Like bringing in a fit girl or simply passing something to them.
‘Regular walks in’

MAN FUCKING LIKE” then the conversation starts.

‘Regular walks in with a saucy señorita

Man fucking like” this is a quiet version, if the lady is present it might be whispered when she’s out of the room or sent into the what’s app chat.
by Manfuckinlike May 30, 2019
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