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A seventeen-year-old rapper with an IQ of a rock and cannot be seen without a cup of lean. Also has an obnoxious catch phrase.
Lil Pump: ESKETIT!!!!
Guy 1: what? Wtf does that even mean—
Guy 2: —shhhh. Just go with it you don’t want his fanbase to attack you
by itsemmabruh December 22, 2017
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What happens when you tell a special Ed class they can do anything they put their mind to.
Nick-"How did lil pump even become famous?"
John-"his teacher told him to follow his dreams"
by New Gang Bang'n Dictionary December 27, 2017
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A rapper that is actually mentally retarded.
Guy: You're going 70 miles per hour. How long will it take you to drive 70 miles?
Lil Pump: 70 nigga!

Guy: What's the difference between America and the United States?
Lil Pump: Bruh. The United States is more south than America bruh, America's in the north.
by Icy Wyte December 28, 2017
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One of the finest artists of the time, a true intellectual

After being found on an abandoned railroad in South Siberia, Lil Pump was taken to some redneck place and was taught ancient swahili. As a Ph. D. in analyzing music, I can translate some of his most intellectual lines.

"Mah bih luv do Cocayn" - Translation: Mankind's greatest adversary is simply its own disunification.
"Gucci Gang" - Translation: Unity

jk he's a bitch nigga
Person 1: Hey dude have you listened to Lil Pump? ESKETITITITITITT.

Person 2: No. I'm not a retard bitch nigga
Person 1: God damnit Person 1, first you don't watch Rick and Morty and further more you haven't listened to Lil Pump. You're intellectual capabilites are nothing compared to my high IQ. The way I can now analyze the universe with my eyes opened to theoretical physics and liberal arts, I have opened a gateway to the 9th dimension.

Person 2: k.
via giphy
by Tyrone Al Rakim December 06, 2017
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A smart lad who rejected his acceptance to Harvard to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper; says esskeitt alot, and is obsessed with iCarly
"Have you heard of lil pump?"
"Yeah man he declined Harvard to pursue his dream"
by TrapL0rd69 August 16, 2017
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A mixed cuban with melted jolly ranchers in his hair he eats glue sticks is rich for making retarded bird noises he really trying fuck icarly he is in a deadly terroist group called gucci gang he is retarded because he drinks 4 gallons of lean a day and smokes 3 feet blunts dont be like him
by motherfooker January 21, 2018
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A retard rapper that yellsESKETIT” way to manny times and is in love with Gucci
Friend:1 I got a Gucci belt.

Friend:2 you faggotlil pump bitch
by 12345678 ms January 21, 2018
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