V. (as in "you've been ranted")


-the act of responding to a comment using the current topic and then segueing into other subject matter with the intent of being humorous and/or annoying. Most effective when done to the 4th or 5th "power"
FACEBOOK Conversation

Guy #1: It's a sarcastic take on Godzilla and Japanese art

Guy #2: Did the Japanese find this offensive?

Guy #3: (who randomly chanced upon said conversation)
Do Japanese people find sarcasm offensive? what kind of question is that? That's like asking if burning the carcasses of dead cats can be perceived as cruel! Sure, normal people could care less, but is it really necessary? And also, does the burning of said cats negate their chances of going to heaven? Have we condemned the lives of millions of millions of felines into the black oblivion that is hell? But another thing to consider is, do they even DESERVE to go to heaven? Most cats I know are anti-social and will bite you if you rub their fur the wrong way. Why can't they be more like dogs and just be content with the ability to lick their own balls? People spend YEARS trying to learn this ability, what do you think yoga is meant for? Flexibility is one of the most understated abilities of the human body and is often neglected. What many don't understand is that by working to become more flexible they not only decrease the chance of injury but increase the ability to gain lean muscle. You've been ranted.
by Rico Sauve 7243 June 23, 2010
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The extensively talk about a given topic longer than needed whether anyone cares or not
Lashaia always going on a rant on snapchat, complaining about school or her life with her headass
by Lxrdkd April 29, 2015
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A nerd way of succinctly ending a rant typically on an internet blog or message board. By invoking a semblance of programming code, the nerd hopes to appease fellow nerds with a chuckle, while also disarming readers with a framing device to lesson the impact of their prior inflammatory words.
..so that's why george lucas having kids ruined the entire star wars franchise for the rest of us. /rant.
by JambaJews January 11, 2009
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The act of letting the other bloggers know you're finished with your rant. Derived from HTML code in which the rant block would have begun with <rant> and finished with </rant>.
Dougman25: Hey, Bill. How was your day?

Billosaurus17: Well I got totally cut off in traffic and then some asshole spit in my Big Kahuna Burger, my cat has rabies, I pretty much hate everyone in the world. Sorry. </rant>
by Mr. Crazybones August 29, 2007
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To speak agressivly about somthing. or to take your own tangent about a subject and talk for a long time in a passionate manner. also see Aitkenism.
Geeze neil has been ranting for a good two hours now!!!
by rodrikbodrik May 23, 2004
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To vent your frustration; either loudly or through the Internet. Most people prefer the Internet, like going to VentNation.com or related sites, or going bat s--t crazy and ranting in someone's face. Sports fans and TV personalities enjoy ranting the most, and so do girls amongst their friends.
Person 1: Why are you ranting?
Person 2: Because I'm unemployed. I don't have a girl. I hate my life! FML!

Person 2: Stop ranting and calm down!
by ventnationdotcom February 10, 2010
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To suddenly give a long speech that usually results in rambling and repeating of nonsence.
I shall now tell you how awful rants are, they are the bain of humans. If rants were plentiful humans would become extinct! Extinct I say!! Humans also need to pick cherries with automated cherry pickers as this results in more plentiful harvests resulting in more people whos brains have been nourished by cherries and intelligent cherry nourished people are less likely to rant than those raised on blueberry farms, because they are subjected to blueberry fumes, and they are toxic, like non-toxic glue. Made of horse hooves. Horses can also help prevent rants as you cannot rant while riding a horse and you can't ride a horse if there aren't horses because they have all been made into non-toxic glue. Do you understand rants now?
by Caitlin April 1, 2005
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