to punch someone in the face or beat them like a red headed step child
shut it or ill bain you

where's the hardest country in europe? AL-BAIN-YA (albania)
by TheNine January 14, 2005
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1. Often used to describe an amusing event, often at the expense of another person.

2. Frequently, however, it simply means "excellent".

3. Adjectives are often placed in front of the word to give it different, often negative, connotations.
1. Oh Man, was that good bain or what?
2. The six i had with your wife last night was fuckin' bain.
3. That film was fucking awful, truly stale bain.
by Prof. Bain January 29, 2011
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a source of harm or ruin
That guy really brought the bain to bear on our country.
by scolbert July 17, 2012
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the BEST couner-strike player in the world next to MLCS R0|3i/\/
FUCK OFF KID #lobstarz
by Bain January 1, 2004
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A remark popularised in Glasgow made to describe an experience or an object, from which significant enjoyment, and a general feeling of satisfaction, is derived.
Describing an experience or situation

“Double music this afternoon, that’s baining bro”

or, when describing an object

Nfn lit tea, fortnite n a baining wee ginger cake to cheer is up after a shite day sc snap is"
by TheRealFaZeJarvis June 18, 2019
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Child, A Word Prodominantly Used In The Hull Region.
Our Baine Starts School Tomorrow
by James Stocker January 26, 2008
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Hull and East Riding term for baby or infant. Bain (or baine) is not to be confused with the Scots, 'bairn', although it has the same meaning. Probably originally from old Danish.
The bain/e was larking in the ten foot after tea.
by Eastridinglad March 1, 2018
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