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The extensively talk about a given topic longer than needed whether anyone cares or not
Lashaia always going on a rant on snapchat, complaining about school or her life with her headass
by Lxrdkd April 29, 2015
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To speak agressivly about somthing. or to take your own tangent about a subject and talk for a long time in a passionate manner. also see Aitkenism.
Geeze neil has been ranting for a good two hours now!!!
by rodrikbodrik May 23, 2004
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To suddenly give a long speech that usually results in rambling and repeating of nonsence.
I shall now tell you how awful rants are, they are the bain of humans. If rants were plentiful humans would become extinct! Extinct I say!! Humans also need to pick cherries with automated cherry pickers as this results in more plentiful harvests resulting in more people whos brains have been nourished by cherries and intelligent cherry nourished people are less likely to rant than those raised on blueberry farms, because they are subjected to blueberry fumes, and they are toxic, like non-toxic glue. Made of horse hooves. Horses can also help prevent rants as you cannot rant while riding a horse and you can't ride a horse if there aren't horses because they have all been made into non-toxic glue. Do you understand rants now?
by Caitlin April 01, 2005
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When someone is pissed about something and they rabmle on about it.
She ranted on about her exboyfriend for hours
by Aphrodiatea December 24, 2003
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;Expressing opinions in a rambling or agravated manner.

;A spell of ranting; a tirade
She ranted about the old lady parking wrong.

The rant showed her opinions of the choir.

She had written an rant blog.
by Knowledgeislife August 02, 2012
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The ugly and distorted sound of two notes, an octave apart, coming out of a brass instrument (such at a trombone or french horn), by accident, at one time.
The Solti Bruckner 4th Symphony recording with the Chicago Symphony contains a clearly audible rant on the unison low C-flat in the trombones
by brass vulture February 07, 2010
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-a novel by Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club)

-the titular character of the novel of the same name. His real name is Buster L. Casey but his nickname "Rant" came from a childhood prank involving animal organs which resulted in numerous people getting sick. As each person threw up, they made a sound that resembled the word "rant," which became a local synonym for "vomit" and Buster's nickname.
He starts a tooth fairy scheme involving gold pieces which changes the economy of his town, deliberately gets bitten by spiders, snakes, coyotes, etc. until he gets rabies, spreads it other ppl and then moves to the big city where he participates in a demolition derby known as "Party Crashing".

-to throw up or vomit. originates from the book "Rant".
Guy 1: I like Fight Club.
Guy 2: Read Rant.
Guy 1: Why? Reading is stupid.
Guy 2: No U. (wins argument)

Tyler: I remember Rant Casey. He personally gave me rabies.
Jack: Bull****. You just want to be famous by association with Rant. You never actually met him did you?
Tyler: Actually I did. He had jet-black teeth, and rumor has it that he invented Party Crashing. (wins a gold coin dated 1887)

Girl 1: Holy crap I feel sick.
Girl 2: Yeah, what's up?
Girl 1: I think I'm gonna rant.
Girl 2: No U. (wins NOT-VOMIT)
by Raye Penbar December 15, 2008
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