Acting as or having no effect of a poisonous.
-harmless, safe, clear, inoffensive, competent, nonfatal.
IF you had a choice, whouldn't you prefer to use products that contain safe and non-toxic ingredients?
by Janina1409 May 1, 2016
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A community or group of people which does not see toxicity as "correct" or allowed within itself.
Join my gaming non-toxic community where no toxicity is allowed.
by DaBestIvo May 3, 2020
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1. an association with one who engages in normal boyfriend-like behaviors at random and sporadic intervals; but without any regular consistency.

2. the condition or infection of a noxious chemical or other substance, causing lust, love, total confusion, and an increased proclivity towards drunk texting.

3. half-dating a guy you can’t get over because his erratic behavior makes you act like a total fucking lunatic.

4. dating mr. yuck.
I am going absolutely crazy trying to figure out what is going on in my Toxic Non-Relationship.
by Dating Mr. Yuck June 23, 2010
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