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Very random people saying things having nothing to do with anything what-so-ever
Man 1 - Did you watch the game?
Man 2 - Yeah, it was great
Randomner - ..when a man and awoman love each other enough, the man buys a goat...
Man 1 - ...What?
Man 2 - You on crack buddy?
by Artabragen August 20, 2006
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Randomner- a Randomner is so someone whom doesn't give a shyt about the concequences and says totally random-have-nothing-to-do-with-anything comments.
Kid 1- Hey man im screwd for that test
Kid 2- ya same i don't think im gonna pass
Rankdomner- Man i wish i could jump higher then superman.... hehe i would be so cool, i would be like noobs cant jumps as high as me..hehe
Kid 1- what the fuk are you talking about?
Kid 2- ya lol what the fuk are u talking about?
Randomner- screw you all i can jump higher then you
by Random-kid August 18, 2006
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