3 definitions by Russquad

He is as handsome as they go.

He is as tall the sky.

His confidence is soaring.
And he’ll never make you cry.

There’s nothing there to hate.
You see him and go: “Damn”
He is the perfect man.
His name is Justin Tam
Wow, that guy over there who is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen and want to immediately fuck looks like a straight Justin Tam
by Russquad October 19, 2020
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Savelei is just one of those guys you see amd immediately think "what a snack". He attracts ladies with a wink of the eye, and his all-around good "your mom" humor makes everyone want to hang out around him. Just a solid 9/10 guy yea feel
by Russquad December 25, 2017
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Rohini is an amazing, awesome, good, kind, person. Laughs at your mom jokes. Also an unbelievable fiend for melons, and pretty bad at computer science. Also don’t mention her height...
Ugh it’s that girl that needs help with her hw again. It’s Rohini Ramesh
by Russquad February 08, 2021
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