The classiest and best person you can ever meet. She is the light of everyone's life.
Omg, did you see the new girl? She's such a Rohini. I love the way she walks and smiles. Damn, will she ever notice me?
by santajesus February 07, 2018
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the greatest and sweetest person you could ever meet. A true friend who'll stand by you no matter what.
girl 1: you know that new girl? she is so nice!

girl 2: i know! she's such a Rohini!
by thesahadowlands May 01, 2009
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A true friend to the core! Always there for everyone, and is Ada's best chum!
You're the best, Rohini! Good on you!
by EMLINIA January 08, 2005
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When your electricity gets cut off, and you are left in absolute darkness. (Danville)
Dammit Eskom, I can't see a thing in this rohininess!
by Gavin Williams November 13, 2016
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The best girl on this planet.she makes everyone laugh and smile and her kindness is contagious.she makes everything amazing and never fails to be my favourite.she is SO beautiful and the kindest person she is so talented. i love ro 🖤🌍x
by Kkchktss jkkkf August 04, 2020
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A paid stooge from 'The Wire' popularly known as '2bhk journalist'. It is said that she got 2bhk flat as a gift from Samajwadi Party's Akhilesh Yadav for doing journalism in his favour.
Ayee 2bhk wali Rohini Singh
by i_am_sj8 June 28, 2021
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Rohini is an amazing, awesome, good, kind, person. Laughs at your mom jokes. Also an unbelievable fiend for melons, and pretty bad at computer science. Also don’t mention her height...
Ugh it’s that girl that needs help with her hw again. It’s Rohini Ramesh
by Russquad February 08, 2021
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