an embaressing problem that occurs when you accidently pee the bed at night. it sucks cause you either have to wake up to cold wet stained sheets or where 'protective underwear.' it's also a very hard problem to keep from you girlfriend
my girlfriend found out about my bedwetting problem
by Why Bother February 20, 2006
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If you are an adult who still pees the bed on a regular basis then your name is probably Joel Maloney
Oh man Joel's had another bedwetting accident, he's a hopeless bedwetter
by Lipstick lez January 23, 2018
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Bedwetting Liberal is a derogatory term used to describe people of a political leaning. The term bedwetting is used to denote a hand-wringing, scared, worrisome, pansy attitude, afraid of their own shadows. The term liberal denotes the love of spending, social programs, handholding and acceptance of such things as illegal immigration and allowance of the same to have all of the social benefits of being in the United States.

Bedwetting Liberals are generally terrified of Republicans and conservatives. They shriek at the thought of combat operations or allowing the police to do their jobs. They are quick to point fingers, cry to the media and ACLU, and snivel about attempts to maintain US heritage because it might “offend” somebody.

Despite the presence of Moses and the 10 Commandments in the structure of the US Supreme Court and other national buildings, the presence of "In God We Trust" on our currency, or the cross in the L.A. County Seal as signs of heritage, the Bedwetting Liberals are so terrified it might "offend" a Muslim or other religion, they have enlisted the ACLU to have all of this eradicated from our history.
by Patriotically Loyal October 8, 2006
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Bedwetting after consuming massive amounts of Alcohol, also known as the "Morrison" syndrome. Terribly embarrassing to explain to friends and co-workers. Shuns you from most relationships, because people don't want to be pissed on. Completely un-concious when you fall asleep, resulting in saturation of the mattress.
Last night I was a tank, passed out in Gallahue's bed...pissed the entire mattress, woke up drenched in my own piss. HAHA.-Drunk BedWetting

"If peeing your pant's is cool, consider me Miles Davis!"-Billy Madison

Peeing yourself aka "GOOOOOOO!!!!"-Billy Madison
by icequeen11 February 7, 2011
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Used to refer to republican conservatives who favor stricter government controls over civil rights, most especially in the War on Terror. The term suggests extreme fear, and is generally applied to those who suggest limiting Constitutional rights to protect against an unseen enemy.
The bedwetting republican conservatives want to spy on us, hold poeple with charging them with a crime, and take away our rights, piss away our tax money, at go to war because they are so worried about terrorists. Meanwhile our boarders are wide open, cargo is not inspected, and the Department of Homeland Security is a joke.
by Cool T May 13, 2006
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A person that you don't like. Must be used sparingly for it is a powerful insult that can make little kids cry.
Person A: "Hey, what's up?"
Person B: "Shutup, you pinko commie bedwetting sapsucking twit"
Person A: *runs home* *cries*
Powerful indeed.
by Ashm33r October 16, 2006
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