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That chick is a carrera... she has nice lips, and she's a great kisser

That guy is the oposite of carrera, he is sooooo bad at kissing, i was practically drowning!
by pinkskull939 May 27, 2009
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Carrera is a beautiful girl. She's hard to love. Has an amazing smile.shes always ready for something sexy. Wants to touched and loved by her man. She has a sexy body. Nice ass. She's smart in her own way. Has gorgeous eyes. She falls to hard. Once she falls inlove it's very hard for her to get out of it.
by Kory bender March 13, 2017
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carrera- used interchangeably with the word "circumference" in several parts of Maryland.

The term originated from the name of someone with a 'circumference' and who got pissed off by it. However, the term spread and slightly broadened its meaning.
The teachers showed the geometry students how to find the carrera.

Jewish tradition is carrera-free.

The mathemetician found the carrera.
by gumb May 14, 2005
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