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A place in New Mexico located in McKinley County filled with mostly two types of residents, Native Americans and Mormons. It's generally a nice place, but since it's really rural, which is not suitable for camping and lacks a few conveniences. It's also called the "rez" (reservation) by the Native Americans.
Guy #1: "What do you think of Ramah?"
Guy #2: "Ehh... It's okay."
Guy #1: "Why?"
Guy #2: "Well, it's not exactly convenient."
by MoronKingM January 01, 2011
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ramah is by far the BEST jew camp aliveee!! ok. we may wake up at around 7 to go to services but still.. you go to ramah for the camp and stay there for the AMAZING friends you make!! the guys arent too amazing... BUT there are so tre hot guys there..i promise! LOVE YOU RAMAH'ERS !
by lingerbitch February 24, 2005
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An individual as special and unique as their name. They hold strongly to their beliefs and is not so easily swayed, which can be a good thing if they're on the right path.
Ramah is a confusing individual, but has the potential to be one of the best people in the world.
by Mr. Justaguy December 02, 2018
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aka spa ramah a camp full of jews who have the best facilities ever and even though its in georgia is made up of 90% Florida kids
Ramah, god u must be a Jap
by Joey is her May 01, 2006
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