McKinley are sweet, stunningly beautiful, and is a burst of positive energy! McKinleys are so giving and do what they can to make you happy. They are a best kind of friend. They bring light into the world and light up a room with their energy and smile! They are without gile and pure of heart. Is not an attention seeker so make sure to acknowledge her with positive words. If you have a McKinley in your life hold on to her! and cherish her because she is one of a kind.
Your bestfriend is a McKinley? consider yourself blessed.

If McKinley is your lover she is loyal and passionate till the end!
by Taguu May 31, 2011
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A beautiful and intelligent young woman. McKinley is a very kind and honest girl. She always strives to be good at everything she does and does it to the best of her abilities. She makes a wonderful friend. She is loyal and will never disappoint you. She is very caring and shows concern where it is needed. She forgives easily and will love unconditionally. If you have a McKinley in your life, don't let her go.
"Have you met new girl McKinley?"

"No, but I hear she is very kind."
by KinbertBallphy August 17, 2015
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McKinley is full of a lot of talent, she can be stubborn, but you can never get mad at her. She never stays mad for long, if you call her baby girl she'll stop being mad. She's really good at giving advice, when you need her she's there no matter what. McKinley is the best girlfriend you could ever have, she makes sure she understands you. She's a good kisser. She's very faithful. She's always got a smile that lights up a room. If you have a McKinley keep her close
"Did you see McKinley's snap story? She looked beautiful!"

"Yeah I wish McKinley was my girlfriend!"
by Ya yeet ya January 29, 2017
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A McKinley is a person who is sweet and charming but will totally show no mercy if back stabbed.she holds the people she truly cares about super close to her but trust me when I say you do not and I repeat, DO NOT cross one they will put you six feet under.Always hold a McKinley with you.They may seem like they want to fight but they never want to.They always know how to put on a strong face but they are very emotional so please if you get a McKinley in your life keep them there and hold them tight.
Keep you freinds close but your McKinley closer
by Booooooo246 January 2, 2021
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McKinley is a girl who's loyal and kind to the very end if you me a lot to her she will hold on to you forever,if not she will burn you with fire.if you meet a person named McKinley do not and I meen DO NOT cross them becuse the will make life a living hell.She may seem like she wants to fight but she doesn't.If you encounter a McKinley make sure you become their friend immediately.Over all they are very nice people and are amazing to have around.
That person is totally a McKinley
by Booooooo246 January 2, 2021
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McKinley is a sweet sexy female who never stops giving up on people. She is way to strong and way to smart for her own being. She has an horrible attitude and is super sassy but everyone loves who and will put up with it. She has the most biggest boobs. Every guy wants to be with her but she never shows the right guy that attention she show.
Hot guy: did you see McKinley today she looks so good?
Hot guys Best friend: yes I did I started talking to her and she wouldn't give me any attention.
by Billybobjoe696969 April 3, 2018
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A McKinley is a very sweet,caring,loyal,but mainly perfect. It’s very easy to love them. If you know a McKinley you want to stay friends,or more with them forever. She will always care about you no matter what,(unless your in her bad side).
Do you know who she is,
How much you wanna bet she’s a McKinley
by Poopcorn November 25, 2018
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