A horrible disease that monkeys and gay men get. Ive got the Rams, ah crap!!!
by Anonymous February 24, 2003
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To be an utter annoyance, constant bothering, persistant.
Friend 1: Who keeps calling you?
Friend 2: It's that girl from the bar. She keeps ramming my cell phone.
by aBecka June 01, 2005
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When a man pulls his testicles up, and partially over, his penis. This is usually done while lying down. This is the opposite of the Taco.
"Say, I was scratching the underside of my balls, and when they were pulled up it looked like the head of a Ram."
by Taco Fruit Salad July 23, 2006
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An accronym meaning, "RIP ASS MULTIPLICATOR". A device derived from taking out the main valve from a trumpet and ripping ass into the bell. The original inventors of this device are scientist/musicians Travis Dosser and Patrick Opp. The R.A.M amplifies the rip ass sound, and smell by adding the component of spit from the trumpet.
Dude 1- Dude, i just ripped major ass!
Dude 2- Dude, it would have been way more epic if you used a R.A.M, idiot!
by DOWNS SKAMP DUMP March 18, 2009
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Describes a situation where there are many people therefore creating a very crowded situation
by ยฉโ„ข October 15, 2003
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Could be used to define a type of Dodge Truck....But my definition for it is a marvelous girl who is absolutely breath-taking and a great friend!
Guy 1: Woah... look at that SWEET dodge RAM truck!!

Guy 2: Woahhhhh... look at that chick in it! I bet she's RAM, cuz she is FINE!
by Jessica Ann. October 23, 2007
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