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its when the marijuana resin gets sucked through a marijuana smoking device and gets in your mouth. then you start coughing and spitting all fuckin over the place and say "ahh shit, nasty, i got fuckin treats your bowl sucks."
by spaz July 27, 2004
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A person who has more unwanted encounters with a door in one day than one does in their entire lifetime
Soni41 meet door. Door meet Soni41
by spaz April 10, 2003
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South Lakes High School is where they are so poor they can't afford doors and the principal doesn't even speak english.
Be careful not to lean on the walls in South Lakes, you may fall through them.
by spaz May 3, 2004
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ME........if u dont noe who i am then screw u
by spaz January 26, 2004
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America's favorite drink; Affectionately refered to as "Sliv" or "Schliv".
"I'll have a hot dog, and a shot of Schliv" - A phrase often heard by hot dog vendors in Manhattan
by spaz April 15, 2004
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A word that is used when you want to piss someone off, or you just want them to think your a dumbass.
Could you please take out the trash?
Why the hell won't you listen to me?
by spaz November 10, 2002
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The best band in the history of the world composed of the greatest guys in the universe.
"Who is that kick-ass, mind-blowing, awesome, and rockin' song by?!"
by spaz February 6, 2005
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