R.A.M is the abbriviation for "Ripped as a Motherfucker" Derived from the expression H.A.M meaning hard as a motherfucker, R.A.M is often used to describe someone under the influence of Marijauna. Therefore being R.A.M "Ripped as a Motherfucker"
Steve: Hey Marc, whats wrong with Jim?

Marc: Dude, Jim's R.A.M right now, just let him go.
by RastaBahn September 03, 2011
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Big, fat, american cargo ship on wheels. Takes up most of the road. Does about 1/4 of a mile per gallon. Americans think that they are big so they must be built to break the land speed record.
'If that big fat 4x4 isn't built for sheer speed, I aint an American.'
by Snack88 May 17, 2005
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Raggedy Ass Masses - a large group of raggedy folks.

This is large groups of people - like what you would find at Wal-Mart, K-mart, the red-neck Riviera, or at the state fair. Rough looking or wild acting folks/rednecks who dress ugly, ride four-wheelers and clog discount stores check-out lines.
"I hate shopping at Wal-Mart. There are too many RAMs there."
by Nyrak February 11, 2008
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A ram is a gay male. It fits in the same category as the female Goat. You can use ram to refer to gay men and be completely secretive about it. Someone who is a ram is definitely not a kitty.
Joe: Ouch. My butt is really sore.

Luke: That's because you got hit by a ram.

by Masterpp4u December 12, 2005
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One of the best trucks on the road. They can survive almost anything you can throw at them. Dodge also uses the Cummings diesel in the Ram, but some people put International or CAT engines in their trucks.
If you can't Dodge it, Ram it!
by Redneck Rich January 31, 2009
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