An expression used to define the level of force needed to complete a violent action.
Often accompanied by the phrase in your ass.
Often seen as a bumper sticker on Dodge trucks.
by jsd9632 January 20, 2012
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ram your fingers up your fanny
'ram it bitch ram it'
by benaaaa February 26, 2007
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meaning that you hit something... without saying it the mean way.
by taopalla February 16, 2016
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sexual intercourse for the sake of "getting some" and not in the act of love.
jen: ahhh me and mandi went back a well class party las night!
heva: any ram ram ??
jen: you dont know!
heva: aaaaah who when where what how?
by Jenn Bigfoot August 11, 2007
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the use von ram that or as some spell it (ramm that) comes from a many words und pharses that want to engage in heated sex with a female persons you just viewed within moments. most times men say this amongst one another. other times it is just a thought in their mind. or some use pharse ramm it. man me would ramm it right now ! ofcourse many see this as nothing more then the male sex thinking with their second brain. it is used in the states know where else as me can see it being used.
man me would ram that madam anytime !
by Afholderbach September 2, 2006
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when two indian people meet to eachother means hello , hy
mohit ; ram ram.
sohan ; ram ram
by August 14, 2023
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to get fucked hard, usually in a nonloving way or one that is voilent or rougher than traditional sex. Also usually associated with anal sex.
That skank bitch deserved to be rammed, but instead, got a lovely fuck.
As good looking as he is, it was no surprise that his short stint in jail had him getting rammed a few times.
by swybs September 9, 2005
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