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short for boyfriend, way better than the abbreviation b.f.
My new boyf is totally hot!
by Abatron August 19, 2004
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Your best friend that you've actually had a crush on for a couple years now.
He loved him so much, but was afraid to calm him his boyf.
by thatkidsheere July 20, 2017
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Term for somebody who is more than the person you are exclusively hooking up with and/or dating, but not ready to be called a boyfriend.
The boyf and I see each other every day, but we're not ready to be in a full relationship.
by Magsters November 19, 2006
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what one would call their someone they are dating but not yet in the boyfriend/girlfriend stage. When you have a boyf it is highly recommended that you do not see other people.
Susie: "Hey sweetie how are things with your boyf?"
Melissa "They're good, i really like him. Hopefully soon I'll make him my boyfriend."
by ThePrincess0506 September 28, 2010
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A boy who is practically one's boyfriend, but hasn't made it to the "end zone"/official status yet.
ex. "Are they dating?"

"Not yet, he's just her Boyf."
by WhoTheFuckIsK80 August 24, 2017
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Boy Only You'd Fuck. Acronym used between girls to refer negatively to one another's boyfriends and as an extension one another's bad taste in guys. Similar to MILF.
I can't believe you're going out with Luke. He's such a loser.

Yeah he's a BOYF.
by Chuck Anklefucker January 05, 2010
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